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  1. How to choose the ‘right’ refrigeration compressor for your application?

    So if you are completely new to choosing a refrigeration compressor, it can be kind of frustrating at first because you have to do some research about each brand of refrigeration compressor and the functionality of each brand’s compressor.

    Well, first of the key point of choosing a refrigeration compressor is to determine the refrigeration capacity for your need. For a medium capacity compressor, it is kind of tricky to choose due to there are several types of compressor maybe suitable to your need, as for low or high capacity, it is easy to choose technology.

    But we can not just consider the capacity without thinking about the economic factor, for instance, choosing between an inexpensive hermetic compressor that cannot be repaired or a more expensive semi-hermetic or open compressor that can be repaired. For high power needs, you will have the choice between a cheap piston compressor or a more expensive but more energy-efficient screw compressor.

    Okay, now I am going to introduce some types of refrigeration compressor.

    1, hermetic refrigeration compressor

    The merit of a hermetic refrigeration compressor is the sealing system operates under the surrounded envelope which is not attached to the state of one or several joints.

    But this system has got some imperfections that the cooling of the motor runs under the refrigerant fluid bathing the inside of the casing which heats the fluid and is detrimental to the refrigeration cycle. Overall, the cooling capacity is fixed, except by varying the frequency of the supply current.

    So, if you are looking for low and medium power capacity then go for Hermetic refrigeration compressor. Here are some brands I think are good for hermetic refrigeration compressor.

    Sanyo Compressor adopts a stable and reliable industrial control and control system to select the test manually or automatically. It can execute a certain sub-test item arbitrarily during manual test. It can automatically collect and process test data, automatically generate test reports, and implement tests Automatic adjustment and control in the process. In the exhaust pipe game, the operator can immediately press the emergency stop button and make corresponding adjustments. Overall, it is quite good.

    Toshiba compressor is the world's best-selling high-tech compressors. They are ideal for home cooling and small business applications. They are small, low in noise and low in vibration, achieving the highest efficiency of their kind on the market.

    2. open refrigeration compressor

    The motor and the compressor in an open refrigeration compressor are separated. The compressor drive shaft is attached to the motor by a coupling sleeve or by a belt and pulleys. As such you can use different types of motors (electric, diesel, gas, etc.) according to your needs. These refrigeration compressors are therefore not known for being compact, they are mainly used for high power. 

    Another merit is that all parts of the compressor are accessible for repair, unlike hermetic refrigeration compressors.

    The main disadvantage of this type of refrigeration compressor is the presence of a rotating seal on the compressor shaft which can become a source of refrigerant leakage with wear.

    3. Semi-hermetic refrigeration compressor:

    Still not sure about the other two just mention above? Then Semi-hermetic refrigeration compressors might be your type. 

    As in a hermetic refrigeration compressor, the motor and compressor part are surrounded in a hermetic envelope, but this envelope is not attached, and all parts can be for repaired if broken.

    The motor can be cooled by the refrigerant. The sealing system is therefore better than on an open refrigeration compressor as there is no rotating seal on the transmission shaft. There are still static seals on the removable parts however and the sealing is therefore not as complete as on a hermetic refrigeration compressor.

    Semi-hermetic refrigeration compressors are suitable for medium power requirements, and because they offer the merit of being repairable, so they are more expensive than hermetic refrigeration compressors.