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  1. connection to omron CJ1M PLC

    I have an omron PLC (CJ1M type) at home which I would like to connect to, however, lately, I can't anymore.  I'm trying on two different PC's a newer and an older one, both running on windows 10. 1 is just mentioning a DLL error and I can't even start cx-programmer, the other one seems to work, however, when I try to go online it always fails I'm using a usb to serial device and after some searching on the net, I thought the issue was with the prolific driver.  I tried all kind of fixes, but nothing seemed to work.  I have now purchased another device, the XS8801 from usconverters and installed the latest driver.  I have checked if cx programmer is set to work with the correct port and this is the case. My knowledge is very limited but I would really want to connect to that PLC again, so hoping someone out here is able to help me. Thanks a lot    
  2. connection to omron CJ1M PLC

    Hi I have done the above for most these 3 I can't see in the communication settings: DIP switch start bit host link mode (found this and is correct) where can I find these settings?  which menu?
  3. connection to omron CJ1M PLC

    I dont know what to debug.  If I check the device, it shows the com port and all mentions to be working correctly.  My communication settings in cx-prog, are also the same as the converter device. I can check to buy a keyspan adapter if no other solution found
  4. connection to omron CJ1M PLC

    Hi vasek, this was done. The cable that goes from the plc to the pc is then connected with my pc through this usb to serial converter. It has always worked in the past
  5. connection to omron CJ1M PLC

    Hi chelton I dont see the pinouts at my pc.the out end of the cable connected to the plc  is female and i plug in an rs232 serial to usb converter model xs8801. Is used to work with one from profilic and it worked untill suddenly with windows 10. Identical set up.  I guess my answet does not help ? 
  6. connection to omron CJ1M PLC

    Hi ssk, what can i do to check? I just bought this new cable from usconcerters which ensured full compatibility with windows 10. Whzt other parts to check. Can you be a bit more specific
  7. connection to omron CJ1M PLC

    Hi Wasan, I did this.  The port is found as COM9 and this is also the port I'm using for the communication through cx-programmer.  When I try to go online, I get the standard message of "failed to connect to PLC. The DLL error is on the other PC.  I have done a standard installation, nothing special, but it feels like it came up since a windows 10 update   Any other options?
  8. connection to omron CJ1M PLC

    Hi Sparky, thanks for the answer.  unfortunately, I don't know much about this. It was once installed for me and worked, no it doesn't.  what is VM and how do you force usb2 compatibility?