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  1. Hi dear friends, what do i need i order to make a backup from a panelviwe plus 700 and upload it to another? the HMI is communicating to a SCL 5-05  by ethernet by the way. hope you can guide trough this best regards
  2. Fr Configurator with windows 10 64 bits

    Hi thank your very much you all, yes i installed the FR Configurator 2 directly from the mitsubishi web page and it worked perfectly. best regards.
  3. hello dear team, im trying to make a back up for some FR-E700 with the FR CONFIGURATOR SW3 but when i start the communication with the USB cable the software cant recognize any port by the way im using windows 10 in my laptop and when i check the devices administrator it doesnt shows in USB ports the drive info just in other devices and in details shows: "USB device was not migrated" does anyone know what can i do?