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  1. HMI user

    I believe we store the password in the PLC  Using something like If the Password_Input equals 2013(our password), then energize Maintenance_User output.
  2. RsLogix 5 execution times

    Hello, all I am writing some logic that gives me the average and standard deviation of some data sets between 200 to 300 points However, I am running into some watchdog timer faults. The processor is a PLC5/40E rev B. My first revision used a jump and a counter to iterate through the points and do the math but this caused faults when the set was too big.  I ended up settling on a looong list of the data points that jump to the top of the ladder file every 10 points. Still not great  The manual says I cannot use STX files as it requires revision C or greater. Can anyone make any suggestions for improving the time spent in this routine?
  3. Easy to use 3rd party HMI to use with ControlLogix L82

    All of this.... For an HMI use Red lion. You can browse tags easily for controllogix processors. I think it even let's you upload a tag file if needed. You can download and try the software before you buy the panel. It also has an emulator so you can make sure everything works before committing to the costs.
  4. Another vote for Red Lion using Crimson 3
  5. HMI/SCADA selection for HVAC energy management

    I've used Envision for BACtalk by Allerton. It was decent. It's definitely designed for HVAC.  I think for most organizations, SCADA decisions are based on costs and the hardware to be integrated.
  6. Fast data sampling form PLC to SCADA

    I would look into Ignition SCADA by Inductive Automomation. This is by far the best SCADA for managing databases. Scripting is python based, so there are plenty of free resources to learn this if you are unfamiliar.  They let you try out their product for free, you just have to refresh the gateway every 2 hours. Not sure the cost for a license though.  
  7. Concatenating strings in SLC5/05 controllers

    You will need to use the ACN function to concatenate two strings. You can stack this by just placing that string into a buffer then doing it again. I believe you will need to use the status bits to get the Date and time though.  Send me a message if you get stuck and I can help you through it.
  8. SLC 5/03 System Conversion To Ethernet

    I would go with this option or any other ProSoft converter, such as a RS232 to ethernet. I've been using prosody for years, they're always easy to set up and most importantly, very reliable.