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  1. edit time variable in Recipe NA HMI

    Hello ! I found this topic while searching an easy way to edit TimeSpan tags in an NA-5 HMI. Is the EditVariable() method the only way to use a TimeSpan keypad? Using a Press Event is somewhat clunky because it doesn't seem we can pass arguments to methods called that way. I have 16 PIDs I need to make configurable via HMI and their I and D gains are in the TIME/TimeSpan datatype.
  2. Hello, does anyone know of a way to plot datasets in 2 dimensions with NA5 HMIs in SYSMAC ? I have data stored as an array of structures, each item with an X and Y member. Is it possible to use the broken-line graph to plot the data? The graph doesn't seem to support horizontal values. This is similar to plotting CAM profiles as asked by another user in 2017.
  3. continuously writing Retained tags

    Hello Michael, thanks for your time. That is what I meant; the FB instances are local and can't be accessed by the HMI like global variables. As a workaround, I am using In/Out parameters with custom Structure Data Types. I don't have problems with the function blocks, other than their inaccessibility to the HMI. The custom datatypes work in the FB and HMI. My issue is that I would prefer to use a single structure for parameters that need to be retained, and values that do not. As an example, I want a structure with PID Setpoint that does not change and is retained, and the Process Value that does not need to be retained. If I have the process value in a retained structure, will it write to EEPROM/flash memory every time the process value change, and reduce the life of the memory? Or is the value only written on power-loss ? I'm also waiting on an answer from Omron tech support, but I figured I would ask here.
  4. I have a simple question that might be hard to answer: Is it contraindicated to set tags that are continuously updated, such as analog values, as "Retained" ? I'm not sure if "Retained" values are in flash, and if they're written every time the value changes or only on power loss. I have a background in embedded programming, where I had to take memory write cycles into account. I'm working on my first SYSMAC project, and I'm used to Allen Bradley at this point, where FB instances are accessible from everywhere. The fact we cant read or write function blocks from the HMI in SYSMAC is a pain. As a workaround, I'm using structures and I would prefer not splitting the parameters and working-values in different structures. This is my first post here and I didn't see a search function, so I apologize if this was already answered.