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  1. I also went for the timers - what I did was time each contactor, then sort the array of TMx values, stored the sorted array in more memory words and then back-compared the sorted memory word to every timer. this way I could choose the group of contactors that had worked the least (or most). But in the automation system I am working on I do not want to equalize all the timers - since they are heating elements I want them to work for different lengths of time so they do burn out all together. I was thinking in the direction of a shift bit every time the system goes on/off - an arbitrary shift with no regard to how long the heating elements have been used, but I am having trouble implementing this.    
  2. Hey, (Programming a M224 with Machine Expert Basic) I'd like to get some input from you guys about a logical task: I have 8 contactors controlled by my PLC outputs, they heat a water boiler. throughout my operation, I require a different amount of heaters (I could move between 1-8 heaters in a single operation) I would like to scramble what contactors I put in use every time I start an operation, in order to not constantly use the same heating elements and wear specific ones out. For example, in the first stage of heating I will use contactor #1, next time I start the operation I would like to use contactor #2 and so on.. How would you approach this problem? SBR? Timers? Thanks
  3. MAX_ARR will only give the highest value in the array or table, and I need several values. Any ideas ?
  4. Hey Guys, Modicon M221 PLC, programming with Machine Expert. I have a project that I must create shifts for heating elements, requiring that some heating elements, those who were on for the longest period, do not turn on in the next shift. I'm looking for a sorting mechanism to determine what %MW (6 words of 8 total) have the largest value. I would like an array of 8 words, sort them, and retrieve the highest 6 or highest 4 or highest 2.   Thanks.  
  5. Hello, I have an M2I Top RW (model: 1000WD) connected to a Schneider Modicon M221 PLC. The HMI is connected and I is working perfectly reading data from the PLC via ethernet. I can't seem to find a way to write to the PLC from the HMI. I would like to control the PLC from the HMI, I know this is possible with Fatek PLCs with the same HMI model. please help - how would I create a bit command from the HMI to the PLC? what registers? what inputs in the PLC? thanks