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  1. hi i try to swap bytes in a word with protocol macro but i cannot find how can i do it. i use swap command in plc program and then use this buffer result in cx-protocol. buts its looking hard. is there any way to change byte order thanks.
  2. SCU41 password protected

    thanks man
  3. how can i read CJ1m plc node adress ? i check plc manual and saw only changing node number via cx-programmer. but i want to learn node no in ladder program
  4. transfer compiled file to plc

    hi Yair,Sleepy Wombat yair, i dont have any eth. module, Sleepy Wombat, thanks for suggestion, i download this utulity, after some tests, iwill send results
  5. transfer compiled file to plc

    i usually use cj1m series plc. for upgrading plc programs i use cf card. is there any other program for transfering compiled obj file without cxprogrammer. command line or with interface its doesnt matter. if you know protocol also i can write. thanks
  6. cant transfer program to cj1m cpu12

    is there any other way to use it again , i didnt find digital camera, maybe any other format tool or format can repair memory card.
  7. cant transfer program to cj1m cpu12

    thanks anonymous , bit 9 is on, "Memory Card error - Is the card installed correctly / is the correct file on the card?" i think its not about installation, i can see all files in CF card with cx-programmer. this attachment show which files is loaded in card. is there any other type file, or settings, (note : "prohibit program overwrite..." or other option is disabled)
  8. cant transfer program to cj1m cpu12

    hi, i have a cj1m-cpu21, i try to load program with compact flash. i have buy a 64 mb cf and format it fat16. then load autoexec.obj and other project file in cf. i plug cf and switch 2 and reboot plc, but eccours memory error 0x80f1. where is the problem sorry for my terrible english
  9. Where Is My Address Reference Tool :)

    tools - options - general : window environment : only window : ladder - adress reference tool :) then restart program. now its working :) after that
  10. i use cx programmer 5.0.. sometimes adrees reference tool get lost. i click shourt cut or use alt+4 but i cant see it. i delete *.opt files but it didnt work then every times i unistall all program and delete all registry settings and install it again. is it about my configuration or bug
  11. OMRON CQM1H cpu51 P with C++

    if you use serial communication, i think, the best way, writing your own code :D
  13. Serial network connections

    thanks Jay
  14. Serial network connections

    hi iam again icant find k3sc-10 usb-rs485 convertors usb driver. i look omron web site and goggle but icouldnt find it. if you have driver could you sen me or upload download section thanks
  15. Omron K3GN Digital Panelmeter

    Hi everyone :) i wantto use 3 omron k3gn panelmeter on system, and using with rs485 can i collect display data this 3 panelmeter (like figure 2) in manual (page 123) show only one k3gn (figure 1) if this is possible, how must i do it, using with pmcr command ?