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  1. FTView ME image display

    Hi Joe E,   Thanks for the reply. This is worth exploring, however the box sizes, qty of boxes, box orientation are different for each of the 19 formats so tedious to say the least. It is only a 2D representation of the top layer that will be displayed. I am beginning to regret that it was I who suggested this option to the customer!!!
  2. FTView ME image display

    Hi BobLfoot,   I did consider this but I don't like creating screens with a lot of hidden objects overlayed on them. For the next person who opens the screen in the development file its difficult to work with the screen when ther are multiple layers of shapes all on the screen.
  3. FTView ME image display

    Hi all,   I have a palletizing cell with two pallets each side of a palletizing robot. I have an FTView ME (ver 11) application running on a panelview plus HMI.   There are 19 different recipes on the machine each with a different pallet configuration. There are on average 5 different place positions on each layer of the pallet.   On the HMI, I am attempting to show a graphical representation of the amount of boxes currently  loaded on each layer. From our solidWorks software we have saved an image of each of the 5 place positions for each recipe. By this I mean for example on Recipe A, I have separate images of the pallet with 2 boxes shown on it, 4 boxes shown on it, 6 boxes shown on it, 8 boxes shown on it, 10 boxes shown on it.   So for each recipe there are 5 images  (times 19 recipes = 95 images) ( times 2 pallets shown on display = 190 images)   Trying to place all these images on the display and control their visibility via recipe type and boxes placed tag works in theory. However to load the display takes a very long time, understandably.   Is there another sleeker way this can be achieved without embedding the images into the display, like load a specific image when a certain tag value is high.   Thanks in advance