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  1. Check serial connection to Omron PLC

    Thanks for the reply. I have another computer with CX Programmer installed and with the same adapter I am able to connect to the plc. So the adapter itself is probably not the problem. I tried using hyper terminal on the Citect computer but I had weird results - I was able to connect to the plc on all baud rates. No matter what settings I had in the hyper terminal it showed the status as connected.
  2. Check serial connection to Omron PLC

    Hello, I am building an application in CitectSCADA and I want to communicate with an Omron Sysmac CS1G. The connection between the plc and the Citect computer is through an ethernet to serial adapter (the computer doesn't have com ports on board). I'm having some difficulty establishing the communication and I want to make sure that I can actually reach the plc. Is there a way to check that the computer can reach the plc over the serial connection without using CX programmer? Maybe using Hyper Terminal, Putty or something similar. Thank you, Liron