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  1. CJM1 - NS12-TS01-V2

    Good Morning all   I Regularly use the site for help topics etc. However i cannot seem to find one for this topic. I currently have a set up where i can get online to my CJM1 via factory network to a moxa box then a CS1W-CN226 TO THE plc. This all works correctly and i can monitor the machine from my office. What i would like to do is implement a diagnostic HMI screen, i have created the programme and it all works etc. However would it be possible to use the same moxa and lead as a serial port connection in the same way. So ethernet to the HMI from the moxa and then use the  CS1W-CN226 from the moxa to the PLC. basically the same way i get online now. I do not know if its even possible but any thoughts greatly appreciated.