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  1. BobLfoot ,  thank you for your interest and valuable insights ; I will be looking at the download section as you suggested and also the concept you described .  I have a 'cycle start ' push button on the control panel . When the auto cycle finishes , the End Of Cycle bit turns off . For a start , I need to know if I can log the time stamps for the cycle start p.b. turning on and EOC turning off . This log needs to be on customers computer . I am assuming that if RSLinx is involved , then it must be installed on that computer and also the 'LITE' version I have will not do . If absolutely necessary , I can have the customer buy RSLinx with required version ; it's just that I was trying to see if this can be done with existing configuration of PLC and HMI . Thank you all , Arvind 
  2. Joe E., thank you for the reply ; I will sure try what you suggested and post my findings . Any more insights are highly appreciated . Thanks all . Arvind
  3. Hello Everyone .. Is there a way to log the time stamp data from a compactlogix 1769L33erm PLC to a .csv or excel file in a computer ? The project consists a PanelViewPlus 6 Compact terminal as HMI . I have tried using the DataStorePlus object but as it logs periodically , its of no use to me ( or so I think ) . I need to log discrete time stamps for an input that is turned on or off by the operator like say a push button . Please share your views --is it possible and if yes then please advise correct way of doing it . I can work on any suggestions and try applying them to the machine when I visit the customer next week . Thank you all in advance , Arvind