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  1. Panelview 1200

    Hi IO_Rack, have you the software for windows to send me? Thanks!
  2. Panelview 2711-KC1

    Hi guys, Can anyone send me the software? Have anyone de windows version of PanelBuilder 1200? Thanks!
  3. OLD Panelview 1200 replacement

      Hi Rompot, have you found any solution for this? I have the same connection problem! Have you the windows version of the Panelbuilder 1200 to share? Because i only have the DOS version.
  4. Hello, I'm having the same problem to do a backup of the aplicattion file. Have you the software for windows? Because i only have the DOS version and i'm trying to run MS-DOS 6.22 in a virtual machine but i can't stablish the connection with the PV1200. Thanks!
  5. This is the image that I talked before.
  6. Hi Ken, How are you?

    I need support from you if that is posible.

    I´m trying to do a backup of the PanelView 1200 application that I have in the factory, after that the idea it's migrate this application.

    When I try to install the software PanelBuilder 1200 in a virtual machine with Windows 95, this give an error because he ask me (the software) for a path but I don´t know this path.



    Inst_2 (1).jpg

  7. Hi 504bloke, can you help me with the installation of the PanelBuilder 1200 software? I need to do backup an application to migrate this later.

    I hope you can. Thanks.

  8. Sorry but I can´t post any image of the installing process because there are big for the capacity.
  9. Hello guys, I´m trying to install the PanelBuilder 1200 software in Windows 95 because I have an older PanelView 1200 Classic, Cat N° 2711-KC1 Serie B. I need to do a backup of the application for migrate this later with the process that Ken describes. But I don´t know very well how install the software and when I try to install, ask me for a direction path that I don´t know. Can one of you give some support with this? My e-mail is Thanks!