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  1. GOT-Barcode reader

    @Wasan Can you please show me 1 or 2 line drawing because i'm beginner in Mitsubishi, need your support
  2. GOT-Barcode reader

    @Wasan Thanks , if scanner hmi will communicated then how it'll be program in PLC ? Because i want to use barcode data as input.
  3. GOT-Barcode reader

    Hello @Wasan My barcode communication type is serial, but i use serial to rs485 converter to communicate scanner with HMI because from serial port communication i'm using PLC
  4. GOT-Barcode reader

    Hello everyone, I'm also trying to connect Symbol Barcode Scanner to Mitsubishi GOT 2000 but fail to connect & and i also want to use barcode value as input , please help