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  1. Software for PanelView Plus 600

    The current HMI touch screen is just worn out so there shouldn't be any problem in getting the program from it.  Thank you for you reply.
  2. Software for PanelView Plus 600

    Hello everyone, I need help with a problem in a machine I'm currently working on. It has a PanelView Plus 600 HMI and SLC 5/04 PLC. The HMI is non responsive and I've been tasked to determine if it's better to substitute that HMI with a Wecon Levi702E HMI which has a free programming software, or buy a new PanelView Plus 600 and buy the software and cables required to extract the program from the old hmi and upload it to the new one. I have no experience with Allen Bradley since in my country it's very expensive and not very common and I've only worked with Siemens and Direct Logic Plc. I need to know what Licence i need to buy so i can download the program from the old HMI, then upload it into the new one and if i would need to buy the licence for the plc. Thank you for your help.