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  1. Shihlin Electric Model SEPLC PLC

    Dear All, I have a bar feeder machine (For a lathe machine) which is from PROMACHINERY (Taiwan) and is equipped with Shihlin Electric SEPLC AX2N-48MR. The display panel showed faulty battery and we replaced the battery, after which however it seems that the PLC lost the whole program and the display shows blank parameters. Upon contacting the supplier of the feeder, he sent us folder with files to reprogram the PLC however we do not have the data communication cable and Shihlin Electric doesnt have a representative in Kuwait. What is the name of the cable that we should use ? any part number? any specific supplier ? is it easy to just copy and past the folder back to the PLC? Can you assist in re-installing ? Appreciate your support. Regards,  Note: I have Videos and photos of the machine and the PLC and personally am not an electronics specialist.