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  1. Soft PLC First Scan

    Intersting, not sure if I fully understand. We do have input/outputs through OPC Server. 
  2. Soft PLC First Scan

    Good day. I am running a OTS, training simulator, using Rockwell RSLogic Emulate soft PLC.s. We have the configuration from the site. This is connected to a Hysys math model that gives us the I/O. We save snapshots of the PLC's and reload when training. The problem we have is when we load snapshots and go to run the PLC does a first scan and intuits a trip/shutdown due to missing/bad I/O or status. Is there a way to eliminate the first scan. Out Controls guy has made work arounds a code but we have to do for every new PID or discrete tag we add? Any help much appreciated.     Sheldon Patey