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  1. UL508 for Servo Motors

    Hello, do 3 PH AC Servo  Motors ( 1S Omron)  follow the same rules as regular AC servo Motors? can I use Table 50.1 (UL508) to calculate FLC of Servo Motor?  Thank you.
  2. Main CB

    Thank you' I came out the same PDF from Eaton:)
  3. Main CB

    Hello everyone, I came across conflicting answers to my question. In my panel there are three breakers 6A for the power supply(it is writing in manual) and 5A for drive1 and 5A for drive 2.(writing in manual) The panel must meet the requirements of UL508. I think the main breaker should be  not less than 16A. or 16 A Exactly. The rating plate should also show 16A. Am I correct in my calculations?  Thank you!