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  1. Greetings to all! You may have come across this before...... I have an OEMAx NX70 PLC with the right software (WinGPC 4.01) and the right programming cable (RS232).  .....I think everything is fine and work can go on! ......Unfortunately not! As soon as I connect to the CPU, I get the answer that there is no connection. The test runs but there is no communication. I tried changing the settings but nothing changed. If anyone has encountered the error or has an idea or solution, please share it with me.   Thank you friends!  
  2. Hi! I want to ask for help! I am looking for Samsung N-70 plc programming software: winfpst I need the English version because I'm not going to go far with the Koreans. I found it on a website (winfpst 2.24-eng) but unfortunately not available. If anyone has or knows a link please pass it on. Grateful thanks. Gyula