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  1. Pid Loops On Slc 5/04

    Hi guys, I have a problem with a wrapping machine that has 4 pid loops to control sealing heaters, and when the machine starts the temperature goes low and when the machine stops the temperature overshuts high, is there any good example on how to control temperature with an analog input to measure and digital output to control the heater? I have attached the file in case somebody wanted to take a look at it. Thanks for your help. Señor Jumper Cpr55101.rss
  2. Swap plc's manual

    Can you post the list of those manuals?
  3. What's wrong?

    I agree using the pic driver to comunicate with the panel view 550; the next thing that you need to check is, the node number asigned to the panel view. you can check this in the panel view communication setup screen or you can change the computer node number just to verify that you don't have any problem with the node number configuration I hope this will help you