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  1. Distributed SE Restore

    Well I just went around the restoring part and imported in the application into a new SE network distributed. This seemed to work. If for some reason I need to restore later on though, I would like to know how. Thanks.
  2. It's been quite the while since I have had to restore an SE network distributed application. I'm trying to get it restored in the distributed application manager but when it starts it fails. There's a log and it tells me "Unable to restor FactoryTalk Directory." Anybody run into this problem and have any solutions? Thanks.
  3. CJ1W-EIP21 to ControlLogix

    @chelton Thank you for reminding me of doing that! I didn’t think of that. Thank you guys for the help. I’ll let y’all know if there’s any more issues I run into.
  4. CJ1W-EIP21 to ControlLogix

    @chelton I believe that's exactly what I'm looking for. I'll give it a go here in a bit and let you know what I do. I'll have to see if I can upload what they have already in their CJ1W to the Omron Config. Do you know how to do that already perhaps?
  5. CJ1W-EIP21 to ControlLogix

    @pcmccartney1 I know what to do on the AB side of things. It's just I'm not sure where to find the config in the Omron side to enlarge the array size to match.
  6. CJ1W-EIP21 to ControlLogix

    Hello, Just made this account to get an answer hopefully quickly. I have an existing Omron CJ1M that is talking to a ControlLogix over a CJ1W-EIP21. I don't have experience in configuring Omron PLC's, but the Omron and Allen Bradley are already messaging to each other. My question is how can I get more words to be transferred between the two plc's? There are already 4 words (INTS) being transferred and are working properly but I have used up all the bits and am now needing at least 2 more words. I know in RSLogix 5000 I need to make the array size bigger, but where/how do I do that in CX-Designer? Thank you for any help.