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  1. Omron Peripheral Port CJ1M-22 PLC for OPC Data

    Everyone for Info I took the advice from the Kepware help files and purchased a CS1W-CN226 cable from the Brainbox RS232 to Ethernet converter to the Peripheral port. This solved the problem with Data flow and I started to get data returned immediately.  
  2. Omron Peripheral Port CJ1M-22 PLC for OPC Data

    Update After more work I realised that the Telnet error code ( FF FD 03 FF FD 00 FF FD 2C) was returned by the Brainbox unit. I therefore changed the configuration of the Brainbox to Raw TCP and this stopped the issue. On reconnecting to the Peripheral Port I am now receiving a response from the PLC of 00 (Null) if using the Toolbus protocol or Host Link protocol in Kepware.  Do you think there is a setting somewhere in the PLC config (similar to Siemens) that has to ticked to allow Data access by external sources? I have scanned the PLC config and nothing obvious jumped out.
  3. Omron Peripheral Port CJ1M-22 PLC for OPC Data

    Thanks for the reply. I have purchased a CS1W-CN118 converter (see picture) as the built in serial port is being used to drive an HMI. There is a CJ1W-SCU21 already fitted but I was reluctant to mess around with that unit as it is a validated pharmaceutical production machine and would give me issues in re-validation potentially by having to change the code to alter the port configurations. All i have currently done is chnage the Peripheral Port to ToolBus protocol. Kepware is transmitting the bytes in Toolbus but I am getting a reply from the Brainbox unit constantly of FF FD 03 FF FD 00 FF FD 2C when the Kepware Toolbus driver transmits AC 01 to the device. I believe this is a Telnet code but I don't know what this is telling me currently. I have proved it is coming from the Brainbox by disconnecting from the PLC and attaching a Laptop to read the data using Terminal software. I can read the AC 01 value but still get the 9 bytes returned above so I am a little stuck at the moment. I am awaiting some tech support from BrainBox. Cheers John  
  4. Hi, I am very inexperienced with Omron hardware so apologies if this is a daft question. I am trying to use Kepware to retrieve data from a CJ1M-22 PLC via the peripheral port using RS-232 and the Toolbus Kepware Driver. The RS-232 is provided by a Brainbox ES-246 Ethernet to RS-232 convertor. I have no problem accessing the PLC using this peripheral port via the programming lead but I wanted to know if anyone had successfully pulled PLC data through this port? Many thanks John