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  1. Hello Tim, you are correct - I should have been more precise with my wording. I have a DC-DC converter that I will be using to boost the signal.
  2. Working voltage on the sensor is 5-18V, I guess I had assumed that since analog input worked from 0-10V that it would work. I have a step up transformer that I could use to boost the signal - if I boosted it to 24V, is my wiring correct?
  3. Hello, I have a three wire Hall-Sensor flow meter that I would like to monitor with my ML1400. From watching this tutorial from The Automation Store I believe I can figure out how to get flow rate once I have it wired up, but I am struggling in figuring out how to wire it. Currently, I have a 6V power supply going to the power wire, the signal wire going to IN0 along with a 10k pull up resistor between signal and power, and sensor ground going to DC COM 0. I am not getting any readings this way and would appreciate any help in figuring out where I went wrong. Thank you.