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  1. RS5000 question/ Help understanding arrays

    I appreciate you taking the time to look at this, atleast I feel a little better about not understanding it now. These are the only machines I've had experience with running pc based logic, which has kept an ominous veil of confusion in place anytime troubleshooting is required. I have browsed the .exe that runs on the operator panel with VB, editing some error information and etc, but just don't understand it enough yet.  Thanks for linking the softlogix manual, I'll start reading through it in my free time.        
  2. RS5000 question/ Help understanding arrays

    I'd be happy to send it, I can't add here as its over the size limit    I caught on to the buffer use reading through the I/O and tag manual from Rockwell I found, so that's making some sense now, I need to find where they map the inputs to bytes as you said though.  
  3. RS5000 question/ Help understanding arrays

    Ctrl+E I wasn't aware of, Thanks for that After looking into it more, all I can see are jump instructions if a selected station matches the used stations, i.e, stations  1, 5 and 9- which all 3 will match. When 1 eq's 1, it looks like the sensor input is "In.D[Byte_1].0", but it is the same for all 3 stations.  Cross ref'ing In.D[Byte_1].0 just looks to return every "In" in all tasks.   In the image, I did/cut/paste the rung with" In.D[Byte_1].0", just so everything was visible in one pic.
  4. Hi, I'm new to RS5000-  I'm wanting to learn more about it, some equipment we have uses it and is requiring more frequent troubleshooting as time passes.   A recent issue left me with something I don't understand, I was hoping to get some assistance here to help me figure it out better.  In the attached image, the "Loader magazine high lvl ring px" is a sensor- one of 3, for 3 duplicate stations on the machine- that can be assigned different station numbers as original setup requires.  I believe- I understand that the "[plug_index] is an array value, but I don't understand where that value is assigned.  In short- out of the 3 duplicate sensors- how can I tell which I am viewing when monitoring? I appreciate any help understanding this.  I think my main hang up understanding these machines better is figuring out the use of these arrays.    
  5. General Micrologix help

    Thanks Joe, I do appreciate the help and any ideas.  I looked up a manual after you mentioned it- and realized why the difference in channels- this is actually a 1500 not a 1400.  Sorry about the confusion. So channel 0 is set to node 1, and channel 1 I believe should be set to ascII to deal with the serial from the PC- with no node assignment.   I might be able to get panelbuilder, will see how that goes.  
  6. General Micrologix help

    Ok, that sounds like where I'm at.  Early on, I had "guessed" a bit by changing the settings/address in the channel config, but no luck yet.   I was hoping there was a different way to go about it, or atleast a way to tell if I was on the right path or not.   I'm connected to port 0, and port 1 I believe is the rs232 connection to the PC and transceiver PC.  I'll try changing node addresses some more and see if I can make any headway. Thanks for the help so far!    
  7. General Micrologix help

    The unit in service quit- with a PLC fault.  Later when I was asked to look into it, the PV had 612-613 errors, and there was no logic on the PLC.    We did not have a .rss backup for this machine, but I was able to power up one of the unused units from storage and save its .rss.    Unfortunately the 2 machines were not configured the same, physical I/O layout is different, as was apparently the network configuration.  I've been able to correct the I/O, but now I am a bit stuck trying to get the PC/transceiver to comm with the PLC. I have RS500, but I do not have panelbuilder.  It also seems I cannot enter PV config menu due to the softkeys being assigned to functions. Would the only 2 nodes on this setup be the PV and the plc?- As in, the windows PC and the Transceiver/PC are not considered nodes?    
  8. General Micrologix help

    Hi, I have been working on an older NDT inspection unit, that uses a micrologix 1400 + 300 micro PV that is networked via serial to a RF transceiver unit and a windows PC.  I have little documentation to go from on this setup, and have been unsuccessful in contacting the original manufacturer so far.     After various settings, I have been able to verify working serial ports on the PC and transceiver unit.  I now have been able to get an error 615 on the 300 micro panelview, which I believe is telling me I have node assignment issues.   I am fairly inexperienced with AB, can someone give some input on some steps I could take to go about troubleshooting this?     Any help is appreciated!                    
  9. Options for data storage

    Thanks for the suggestions I appreciate it.  I'm think I will try starting off with basic "and free!" rslinx to excel setup and see if I can pull that off through our network.  If that doesn't work out I might just log daily/shift single readings with the plc for now.
  10. Options for data storage

    Hello, I am working on a project that involves an existing micrologix 1400 (1766-L32BXB) + a C400 panelview.  I was asked about recording data, one of the options being adding this unit to our network and storing info on a server location.  I am curious what my options will be, so I can hopefully narrow down the method I need to get information on. These will be basic analog sensor readings, for the sole purpose of verifying in-spec readings at specific dates, should a process issue arise downstream at a later date.   What would one of my best options for storing this data?   Thanks in advance