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  1. Fatek PID

    i need to run my induction motor in closed loop.I am using PID function in winproladder. when i use it alone without any other function then it works fine. but when i combined it with other function then it stop working. if i choose any starting register SR then SR+1 refused to take any value. i have reviewed my code many times and i am stuck on that point don't know what to do.   New Bitmap Image (3).bmp Stepper closed loop.pdw
  2. HSPsO

    I am using fatek FBs 32MN PLC. i need to run the nema stepper motor synchronized with induction motor's speed with some ratio. in my case the speed of stepper motor will change as the speed of induction motor changes its speed, may be many times in a second. Problem is that the speed of stepper will be constant as before until i have to disable and then enable again HSPSO function. is there any solution that i can dynamically change the speed of stepper without disable and enable HSPSO function ?