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    Thank you for the input. I do have the module setup as a generic ethernet module and seems to be happy. I did reach out to IAI they were indeed extremely helpful. However they just gave me a sample project that I was able to use to get the servo to be operational thru the PLC. They were unable to explain to me where I messed up. This will be an issue when I add my second controller to the tree. They did give me different AOIs. I presume that the AOI can be used for both controllers and is determined by the CPS instruction (the data allocated for each controller). As in copy the logic and change tags. They showed me that when having more then one axis to just lengthen the array and repeat the logic structure. So I presume I can do the same for the second controller (with the new tags)?  

    Hello all  this may be dumb is so I am sorry. However I have come from Mitsubishi and am accustom to CC-Link and this is my first time using Ethernet/IP and I am having trouble. I am adding a MSEP-C controller to  1769-L30ERM PLC. I have read several manual and have got the module to be satisfied. However I have imported an AOI to use and this is where my trouble begins. I am loosing my data someone. I am unsure of where. I have the subroutine talking to the AOI however the AOI is not talking to the MSEP-C controller. I should be receiving MAP_AXIS_INPUTS.CONTROLLER_READY signal and I am not. I have added a couple CPS instructions to move data to and from the input/outputs. I think somewhere in this area is my issue. I feel like I have not specified correct areas for the data to move to and from but do not know the correct way.