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  1. Allen Bradley 1747-UIC DH485 Issues

    That is the document for future reference :) DH-485 Cables used with SLC-500 processors and the 1747AIC.pdf
  2. Allen Bradley 1747-UIC DH485 Issues

    I found another document about the cables required and it states it requires an external power source.. this is probably my problem. I have contacted a rep to find me the correct cable. Thanks again. If you do find any other information, can you please still send it through.   Cheers, Craig
  3. Allen Bradley 1747-UIC DH485 Issues

    Thank you. I'm not sure if it is this one ( ) It shows pinout on that page mid way down.. 
  4. Allen Bradley 1747-UIC DH485 Issues

    Yeah, I couldn't find that setting to check the RSS files baud rate until after I tried changing it, so thanks! I've made one, its just missing the orange/white core, right? That is what I found using It still seems to not load comms..    
  5. Allen Bradley 1747-UIC DH485 Issues

    I used this process to change baud rate from 19200 to 9600 and reversed as well..
  6. Allen Bradley 1747-UIC DH485 Issues

    No, it shows 19200.. but I have tried with both
  7. Allen Bradley 1747-UIC DH485 Issues

    Thanks for the reply so promptly. The program hasn't had an edit since 2009, and once used an 'AB_PIC-1' driver, but I can change that in the 'controller properties' in rslogix500... We have since updated computer and cable systems.. I found online that the 1747-UIC is auto configured to 19200 out of the box, and most likely needed to be 9600, which I have changed using link below. Yeah the selector switch is in the up position for DH485 :) Auto-browse is deselected also. I do get the 'USB' led and the 'OK' led on the 1747-UIC adaptor indicating, however the DH485 led just pulses/ flashes quickly as if its trying to communicate but no prevail still...
  8. Allen Bradley 1747-UIC DH485 Issues

    Hi there, I am having issues connecting my computer to our SLC 5/02. We have a genuine Allen Bradley 1747-UIC USB to DH485 adaptor, I have read into it a fair bit and have tried many different things. I have removed pin 3 configurations from the ethernet (DH485) as advised previously.. I have tried many drivers to get it to work to no prevail. I cant even change the CPU over to a 5/03 as I cant guarantee the program we have a copy of is the exact one in the CPU, therefore I cant just change to a different unit and establish comms that way. Does anyone have a step by step guide to connecting the 1747-UIC to the PLC? Many youtube clips dont seem to work for me like they do in the videos.   Thanks a lot in advance if you can help!