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  1. Omron SP10-DR-A

    I worked on doing the reverse engineering of the few lines inside the Omron mini SP16 PLC looking for the signals on the pins 3 and 5 of the mini Din connector and identify the direction of each one.  3 is an output and 5 is the input data. 4 and 7 has pull up resistors and there are copper lines that goes to the microcontroller side that it was very dificult to identify what kind of signals could it be. I mean the 4 and 7 pins of the mini Din connector.  See attached diagram that I share 
  2. OMRON mini SP20

    I HAVE the same problem. I running Minilss on a 486 computar. I first try to identity Com1 and com2 using PROCOMM AND other programs that uses the coms. 2nd. I am intend to use a Rs-232 RadioShack led indicator in order to identify the function of all rs232 pins. (Txd, Rts, etc.) And the idea finally on the set-up is to change the address of RS-232. I will also change the speed of the computer CPU speed.