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  1. op320-a communication

    images of op panel configuration and plc program, so how I can make the plc read the information of hmi using a db9 cable? using functions like NETR, NETW, NET_EXE, XMT, GET_ADDR, SET_ADDR...?
  2. op320-a communication

    let's try again, kkkkkkkk the cable is correct like shows manual, the port is correct likes shows manual, the panel software is correct (because is so simples, that couldn't wrong), I need make the plc read the information of hmi... so, for example, how can I make to plc read the bit M0.0 at hmi?  At panel, I put one button to force on M0.0, and other button to force off M0.0 (should be V0.0 too, or only one mommentary button). At plc program, it's just could make this =>  ---I M0.0 I-------( Q0.0 ) ? or uses NETR to take VB0 at port 0 (or port 1), or uses XMT... or other function (because netr and xmt, don't works sucessfully)
  3. op320-a communication

    Thanks,  But I ask to contacts of support, but they dont't aswer,  Ask to youtubers channel that made videos, they don't answer, Now I am searching at forums, it's hard to receive some tips, This hmi op320-a is cheap, but looking like a big ... kkkkkkkk
  4. op320-a communication

    Hi, COM1 port, same configuration of communication: rate, stop bit, ... But I don't find at the microwin sp9 how to include the another hmi, just find to configure td200. 
  5. op320-a communication

    Hi,   I have a plc s7-200 (224xp) and a hmi op320-a, made the programs and download both, but the hmi don't connect with plc. the cable is correct like manual (op side pins 1-9 to plc pin 3, and op side pins 6-8 to plc pin 8) but the hmi just show CONNECTING... and never ends.    someone could help me, need add some configuration to plc? or another pin configuration cable?    thanks.