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  1. FX2n incorrect latch range

    I did read from the software the (main program+parameters) and (main+parameters+device memory). Is there anything special for the eeprom?
  2. FX2n incorrect latch range

    Thank you. Unfortunately there is no backup and I can't rebuild the program because the operating process is not clear. The manufacturer isn't cooperative, they want to squeeze as much money as possible, they offer to sell the EEPROM for about 1600$. A lesson learned here. I'm curious, why did only a part of the program got corrupted while the plugged card is labeled as EEPROM not volatile memory.
  3. FX2n incorrect latch range

    Hello, I have an FX2N that got a corrupted program after the battery went flat. The PROG-E led is lit. I don't have a copy of the program, but I managed to read it from the PLC. Attached is the read program, it reports an incorrect latch range plus a bunch of errors. Any hints are appreciated. Thank you. Kind regards. backup_fx2n.zip