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  1. New Laptop for PLC's and control works

    I mention the VM, because its an unfortunate requirement for Allen Bradley graphics.  Each new version of Factory Talk/RsView doesn't play with other versions.  So you basically need a new OS/system for each version...At this point 12.  So other than having 12 different laptops, I'm thinking easy changed out HDD with VMware on them is the way to go. Im just having problem finding a new Laptop that isn't extremely hard to open, or have accessible HDD panels.
  2. New Laptop for PLC's and control works

    I've recently been put in the position of needing a new field laptop.  Specifically I'm looking for a laptop with easy accessible HDD ports/compartments - Reason secondary HD for VM instances of Rockwell Software that can be removed and USB tethered to a desktop system for use.  My current laptop is built like a phone and you have to literally peel off the back off of the thing every time you want to change anything.  I know laptops are becoming disposable items and PC manufactures are building them more for single use and throw away vs. upgrade and easy access to components. I also like a bigger screen since I need to support graphics on it, in addition to PLCs.  More than 2 usb ports would be awesome too...
  3. Designer 5000 cannot Auto Module Discovery

    ElectronGuru, I hear you, its not worked when Im Online.  But I have Never seen the dialog on this system, it Always says Auto Discovery Unable to Proceed.  I've tried restarts, and everything...  I am using a L82E processor, also a L65 processor, both wouldn't execute the dialog.  However, I can manually enter all IO cards and devices, it just would be nice to have it auto so it would auto pick the correct Module revision, etc... Thanks
  4. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has experience of using an HMI NOT being FTVIEW SE (Local/Station) that is easier to use and interface with a CONTROLOGIX PLC. I have alot more PLC experience, but we just lost our Graphics programmer and I have to fill in for him(In addition, to my copius PLC work).  So I am trying to find something that will be much easier & faster to generate some Screens/Trending/Datalogging on a Local Desktop attached by ENET to a CLogix L82E PLC.   Pricing is not a huge concern, main issue is ease of use, efficiency, and compatibility with ControLogix. Any advise would be super, were way behind schedule and I need to produce a HMI ASAP. Thanks!   BTW: I think it shouldn't matter too much, but we have a number of vendor systems that are communicating on MODBUS/RTU in addition to all the ENET systems.  
  5. I am running Logix Designer 5000 v32 on a 1756-L82 processor.  Whenever I add new IO modules, I have never been able to do Auto Module Discovery, it just says "Error starting Module Discovery".  Rslinx classic is up and communicating to my backplane and PLC just fine.  And I can manual add IO just fine....Do I have some driver error preventing Discovery? Thanks