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  1. The base tag is controlled by an HMI button. Using "Toggle" in RSLogix produces the same results as actuating the HMI button.
  2. Thank you all so much for the helpful suggestions! So far, we have verified the subroutine instruction is not controlled by MCR or other latching logic.  There are no cross-references or duplicated tags for the base tag or the MOV instruction's destination.  We double-checked the base tag's scope but I had not considered the MOV function's destination tag scope.  Tomorrow (7-17) is our next opportunity to troubleshoot the problem and we'll give it a shot.  Again, I appreciate the feedback!
  3. I have a Base tag of BOOL logic that will not activate the MOV output.  The Base tag is paralleled with an Alias tag for a NO pushbutton.  When the pushbutton is actuated it produces the desired output.  Has anyone encountered this issue from a togglebit base tag before?  Why would a base tag produce a different outcome from that of an alias tag that function properly?