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  1. Hello lzzybe, thank you for replying I know its been a while but im finally coming back to this project.  I do not have any filtering enabled. The encoder i am using is a Red Lion zfg0060c. I left the Scaler at 1 because the manual says to get your scaler by dividing your ppr by 60(sec)  60ppr/60sec = 1.  The manual seemed to say that the HSC card would do the equation based on the scaler you put in and display the rate in the tag Ctr[0].current.rate. When I spin the encoder the current.rate stays a zero but will jump to 1000 for a quick second if I spin it fast but than go back to zero.  
  2. Hello Im using a 1769 HSC card with a L35E and trying to get the RPM. Ive been reading through forums for a couple days trying all the ideas from people who have had similar issues but I still cant get the current.rate(x) working.  Im using a single channel encoder at 60ppr. I believe the card is set up right and the channel is enabled. The counter seems to work fine but the rate stays 0 when im spinning the encoder slow but will jump to  100 or 200 if I spin it fast.  Any help would be appreciated. Thanks