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  1. hello bob greeting from me 

    bob, i want to asking about modbus communication with scu 41-v1 

    so i have cj2m cpu 31 communication with nb so the port which include in plc can't used to communication, now this plc will communicate with scada (schneider ) so omron plc will be slave and scada will be the master, i want use the rs 232c port on scu-41 but i confused how to program it, can you help me to give the link or suggest for the program itself

    i already get this but is that i can used for it?


    please i need help 

    thankyou bob

    1. throneviser


      from scada to plc omron i used tcp converter usr-tcp232-410s

  2. halo ino, ini Yanti masih inget ga?elektro 2006 yang ketemu waktu bantu projek rocky di panasonic hehehehhe 

    no gw mau tanya dong ada contoh program modbus menggunakan scu41-v1 ga ya?
    jadi saya ada komunikasi antara CJ2M cpu 31 dengan SCADA Schneider, dimana komunikasinya menggunakan modbus tcp, plc omron akan jadi slave jadi digunakan scu41 untuk nambah komunikasi dengan konverter ke tcp ip-nya saya aga bingung bisa dipandu?

    kalo pake program ini apa bisa?

    sorry ya jd PM disini




    terimakasih inno

  3. hello expert i want ask some help So i tried to communicate my Omron PLC (cj2m cpu31) with SCADA from Schneider (power logic) on my omron side the comunnication on PLC already take to communication to NB so i add communication module CJ1W-SCU41-v1 I want asking how to open the communication if i want the scada become a master and my plc become slave i got this from omron website is that program compete for my case? i need configuration for scu41 module also to communicate or if you have suggestion i really open i just need to open port RS232c from scu41 so scada can read the data from my plc  tahnkyou for your help