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  1. Simulator Platform

  2. Simulator Platform

    Hi. I am new with omron and i am looking for a suitable platform to simulate sysmac studio.  For example Siemens PLC have a special interphase whereby its simulator can connect with Factory IO software  so the simulation can be done using 3D like objects.  is there any open source (if possible ) platform that can connect with sysmac studio simulator to help with the 3d simulation?  Any suggestions? 
  3. OMRON PLC with Modbus TCP/IP

    Attached is the library for NJ and NX series Omorn plc if want to do Modbus TCP connections.  For some server platform , after configure the MOdbus TCP function block, its better to register related tags at the ethernet setting. Attached are the library and related manuals. Hope it helps.  MTCP_NJNX.slr MTCP_Server_NJNX_E.pdf MTCP_NJNX_Client_E (2).pdf