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  1. TCP connection

    I am interested to hear what other solution(s) there are for exchanging tags (I/O) between a PC running service that I have written with A/B and also Siemens? I am aware of some standard protocols like OPC-UA, Modbus-TCP, Profinet, Ethernet-I/P but how can I write my own data exchange? Thanks for your comments
  2. TCP connection

    Unfortunately I don't need to view the I/O - however I am interested to know what protocol they use from the AdvanceHMI to the A/B. Do you know?
  3. TCP connection

    I need to connect a A/B 5370 or 1756 to a PC and communicate over TCP/IP and be able to read and write input/outputs. What features does A/B provide? I would prefer to write in C/C++ but can also consider Structured Text - if it supports the standard socket type functions.