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  1. Melsec FX2N-64MR

    Hi GAmbit sorry was not able to reply already settled this issue thank you.
  2. Q03UDECPU ERROR 4100

    No when I go online and check what is the cause of the error the diagnostics is showing that instruction is causing the error. I think that zero value is the cause. 
  3. Q03UDECPU ERROR 4100

    HI Guys I encounter ERROR on my CPU  Mode (green light) RUN (green light) Err(red light) on diagnostics it is showing error 4100 the source of the fault is an instruction D/ R6900 (900000) R1390(0) R6910 (6000) anyone please help
  4. Melsec FX2N-64MR

    Hi guys I have a problem with my PLC the machine long time never use. The program was already erased. Was able to get the back up program from the OEM but the problem is I cannot load the program. I can connect from the PLC I try connection test its successful but when I proceed to download its showing (The data which was downloaded from the PLC is incorrect. The likely causes are  as follows: The mistake is found from the transfer set up. The communication  between the PLC and the peripheral is unstable because of the abnormal cable or abnormal H/W or the noise, etc. The data in the PLC is broken. <ES:01802007> I am using a third party USB-SC09 Please help
  5. GX Developer Comment

    Please help how to set the language I'm using Windows 10, the comment and program origin is from China. Im using GX Developer sorry I dont know why I cannot attached a photo.
  6. HMI Parameter Display Issue

      Hi All Im using a Omron Sysmac CS1G-CPU43H with master and slave devices connected via devicenet network. Problem is sometimes the value on the HMI all becomes negative example Kg/m3 -0.1 , Kg -0.3 , Bar -1 , Deg C -.8. (Please see Images for reference 0015 is the time have problem, 0019 the normal display) Each time this problem occurs I check the master and slave devices there is no error MS and NS have yellow green light. Action: Already check the connection for loose and already clean the terminals but the problem is appearing upon switching power on of the machine. Anyone please advice.