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About Me

For over 20 years, I've been working professionally as a control engineer within the manufacturing industry.  During this time as a system integrator, I've had the pleasure to work on many diversified and challenging automation projects with many great machine builders and manufacturing companies all over the world.  A big part of my work consists of commissioning machines and production lines at customers on-site.

In 2013, I started my own automation company - Rock Solid Automation.  As a self-employed system integrator, I've build up a very successful customer base and I have been part of many fulfilling projects.  I have a real passion for programming, and I thrive on innovation and technology.

My professional expertise consists of software solutions - development, implementation, commissioning and troubleshooting - for Siemens and Rockwell hardware platforms.  More specific, I have a lot of hands-on experience with motion control (synchronised servo systems, gearing operations, cam profiles), application optimizations (process stream-lining, PLC resource management, application troubleshooting) and safety logic integrations (PLC's with software safety logic, safe-torque-off for drives, implementation of guards/estops/LOTO).

In my private life, I love spending time with my family - wife and daughter.  In order to keep fit and refill my energy levels, I practice mountain biking, skiing (when the weather permits), jogging, and an occasional swim.  I love to travel and experience different cultures and foods.
Furthermore, I´d like to see myself as a half-decent cook who loves to try out new recipes ;-)