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  1. High speed counter FX5U sample program

    Any help is appreciated - I've setup my HSC setting according to this printscreen. Then I try to validated through right-click on the "High Speed I/O" for the Intelligent Function Module Monitor 2 and seem to be unresponsive. Any tip on what is wrong with my setting - here's the sensor spec again    
  2. High speed counter FX5U sample program

    Thank you for the confirmation. Since I'm using a functional control box - without interrupting other components - my spare inputs are X16/X17 (ch.8 on FX5U-32MR/DS) I'm reconfigure the setting and will test it out if it will read properly. *****Edit***** Running into modification question: Was wondering about the H0 and H3 correlation to the table and if my change is correct since I'm using X16/X17 for 2-Phase - 2 Multiple  
  3. High speed counter FX5U sample program

    Hi There, I am attempting to do such setup test on a TRD-SH460BD encoder.  I was just wondering about the hardware wiring and confused if I need a additional module such as FX5-16ET/E_-H or if I can wire the encoder directly into the PLC FX5U.  If so, I am not sure how to setup the software parameters. How to wire is shown in the manual of "JY997D61401-F" page 113 of 184. My PLC is FX5U-32MR/DS. TRD-SH460BD encoder spec: I am new and any expert help is greatly appreciated!!!! Regards, Thomas
  4. FX3U-2HC through FX5-CNV-BUS

    Hi Morne, Have you resolved this issue? I am in the same boat. -Thomas
  5. Hi there, I am in the same boat.  Needing help with this setup as jg0825. Appreciate any experts advise. Thanks! Regards, Thomas