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  1. Output Question

    I think you should use the 1769-HSC reference and try to refer back to this module. Try to set it up on that module 1769-HSC and see how the tags changes then manually change the tags for this shoe box.  
  2. Measurement problem

    I am thinking about this.    
  3. 1769 HSC Help needed with RPM

    You can try to setup the encoder maximum count to 59, minimum to 0 and use that with some logic to calculate RPM. I've never used current.rate but you can try setup the RPI smaller.  
  4. Here is what I've done with some of the takeup. 1, home position for flange need to go into the recipe, as well as the product diameter, flange travel limit. 2, design how you want to wind your product, how close to the flange you want to go and how many degrees you want to the product to get on top of the inner layer. 3, each 360 degrees master drums rotate, the traverse motor will travel the product diameter. that's how I used the master encoder. Traverse position can be controlled by the PID fuction. 4, adding a dancer to it will help tension and master motor speed control