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  1. E-Designer

    and appears to work on windows 10 too
  2. E-Designer

    Hi PP Thanks for that They certainly are I opened a case file and had a reply in 33 mins with download link Service witha smile
  3. E-Designer

    Thanks for your advice Nightfly Do you know where can I get a copy or downoad from
  4. E-Designer

    I tried virtUal XP 32 and the alarm part worked ok but when I tested it it had lost the graphic positions I found that just moving the program files into 32 and back to 64 that graphic positions got lost I tried a file from 2007 which would have been saved in XP Pro 64 and it tested ok so next stop is to try to find XP Pro 64 for virtual and hope that it works I'm basically stuck with GOT for this project but I might try others later Bryll as GOT could be a lot simpler or maybe I'm just getting old I definitely recall having this problem before and getting it sorted either when I first started XP Pro or when I switched to 7 unfortunately I cant remember how as its a decade or more ago I tried comparing settings for the 7 that works with the 7 that dosent but could find no difference so i think it might be a missing file download similar idea to what you need for the help file in gx developer in 7  
  5. E-Designer

    Cant find the newer version anywhere not even on my misubishi   On the E-Designer It looks like I'll have to go down the virtual route although not sure I can get hold of XP SP2 software which I think is what I need
  6. E-Designer

    Yes they've been unavailable for a few years now and GOT is the Mitsubishi replacement but it seems a shame to consign a perfectly good HMI to the bin for the sake of a couple of alarms I tried using gtc2 ver3.25b to convert the project but found it poor it converted the images but no device numbers and even when I put details in I foud the page switching didn't work even when I put new buttons on. I eventualy built it from scratch is there a better version I should be using Thank you for your advice
  7. E-Designer

    I have E-Designer 7.52 Build 344 installed on 3 windows 7 laptops the 2 that the problem is on are Pro 64 and the 1 thats working is Home Premium 64 but I seem to recall having this problem on the the Home one 9 years ago and getting it sorted but cant remember how The problem In Alarms,  Alarms New Alarm Alarm text: When typing cursor stays at left side and can only be moved to the right by the arrow key then jumps to left side after letter is pressed or you can type in reverse Signal:        Typing works normal OK:             Entry is not valid ;May not be blank Copy: Ok: Same result Properties:Ok:Same again Is there anyone who can help me with this as the laptop that works is on its last legs Thanks