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  1. After long fight it works fine. I owe you a good beer. Many thanks for your help. 
  2. Ok i found out that your plc programm use COM2 (led indicator on the PLC). COM2 is active and COM 3 is off. I use COM3 for communication. Could you help me find how to change to COM3 communication ? 
  3. Thank you for your help,  Sadly nothing works for me. Ill try to connect durectly to raspberry pins (not the donngle).  I dont have second donngle to check if this works.    Did you use any resistor between signal wires?  I'l try to use different signal wires too.  
  4. Many thanks for your reply, software seems cool an thats exacly what i was looking for.  I did as you described, set up everything, no communication - swap wires - no traffic again.  Could you take a look on my setup? Can you see any mistake?  1) PC com setup 2) and 3) PLC setup 4) ModbusSlave setup
  5. Hello everyone,  This is my first time here since PLC israther hobby than my job, hope to stay for longer.  What I want to do is connect my old PLC - delta DCP-SA2 with cloud over MQTT. PLC does not have ethernet so I decided to connect PLC with RS485 to RaspberryPi and from there use MQTT to transfer data to cloud. Everything on cloud site as well as mqtt protocol is ready, I have issue with PLC nad raspberry communication only. I bought RS485 to COM port (CH-340) like this one.   I configured it on raspberry (it shows as COM1). I set communication in plc software (see attachment) but there is nothing shown on my port commuinication ( I use putty software as com port sniffer). Do you have any idea what should I do in order to succesfuly send data from PLC to Raspberry ?