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  1. Can't open cxp file

    Thank you very very much, Michael. Can I send yiu 6 more programs just similar to this to obtain the simple pdf print for each one, as you gave me for T1.cxp. And if possibel (I think is accessible automatically through CX-Programmer) send me to the "instruction list" of each one too. Hope not that I'm abusing for your kindnes. Thank you very much for your attention. PS: It would help me very much now that I'm in E@D and I have nor access to the school PCs. T7.cxp T6.cxp T5.cxp T4.cxp T3.cxp T2.cxp
  2. Can't open cxp file

    Hello. Does anyone can open the following file and send me the laddder or instruction list? I haven't the CX-Programmer. Thank you very much to all. Cheers! Luis J.   T1.cxp