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  1. Cyclic task in PLC Program

    Hi, I'm new to Omron PLC. Can you give me instructions how to turn off all output bit in an cyclic task when I turn off that task. I'm using TKON and TKOF. Thanks in advance
  2. About Function Block Variables

    Thank you very much!!!
  3. Hi, I'm new to Omron and I need help about using function block. When I create a function block, there are five types of variables: Internals, Inputs, Outputs, In Out, Externals. I think that "Inputs" and "Outputs" is in and out of function block, and when I need a variable, I will use "Internals". Is it right? How about the "In Out" and "Externals" ? Please help me understand clearly. Many thanks.
  4. Inter PLC Communication over FINS

    Hello SillyBoy, I'm establishing FINS Communication between both PLCs using SEND and RECV. And I don't understand about the SEND and RECV instruction. Can you help me with this? In PLC1 (node 1), I use the SEND(090) instruction sends one word to PLC2 (node 2). The PLC2 still receive that word although I don't use RECV instruction!!! So, when do we use RECV instruction? Many thanks!