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  1. PLC Simulator Online

    A new version of the simulator released. Variables on the left panel as you asked Garry. :) https://www.codingplc.com/blog/plc-simulator-online-release-v0-4/
  2. PLC Simulator Online

    Hi guys, Math and Compare functions added. https://www.codingplc.com/blog/plc-simulator-online-release-v0-3/ Enjoy! :)
  3. PLC Simulator Online

    Next two features will be Progressive Web Apps (PWA) functionality and undo/redo. We should publish them in two weeks a month. After that, I'll be working on math components, and my colleague is going to work on sharing diagrams through a link. The biggest challenge there is to figure out compatibility with newer versions of the PLC Simulator. Let's say that we changed the structure of the store where we are saving the diagram to implement new features. Now the old links refer to the old structure, so you won't be able to display them correctly. We want old links to be compatible with new versions, so once saved links are always valid.
  4. PLC Simulator Online

    Hi Garry, UI is designed with mobile devices in mind at the moment. That is why I decided to drop drag and drop for now. I want to make sure that the app is 100% functional without it because it's hard to implement it on mobile devices when you have to scroll windows. When all functions that I'm planning to implement are ready, I'll focus on rearranging panels on the desktop browsers and adding drag and drop. Here you can find all release v0.2 changes with examples:  https://www.codingplc.com/blog/plc-simulator-online-release-v0-2/
  5. PLC Simulator Online

    Hi Guys, I just release the new version of  https://app.plcsimulator.online/ Added new timers and counters, plus some UI changes. Hope you like it. :)
  6. PLC Simulator Online

    Hi all, I wrote a bit more about my motivations here: https://www.codingplc.com/blog/my-motivation-behind-plc-simulator-online/
  7. PLC Simulator Online

    Hi Garry, My name is Simon, and I'm PLC Simulator Online developer. First of all, I would like to thank you for the great feedback. Your words keep me motivated. :) Recently I wrote a bit more about release V0.1: https://www.codingplc.com/blog/plc-simulator-online-release-v0-1/ Currently, I'm working on adding counters. I'm going to release the new version in a week or two. I'll keep you posted. :)