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  1. PLC Simulator Online

    Garry, Timeframe is more or less 6 - 12 months :) In the future we are going to develop some paid courses based on our simulator. However simulator itself will remain free. Let's keep in touch! We'll let you know in the future!
  2. PLC Simulator Online

    Garry, Thanks for your comment!  This is oour project road map: In progress Timer Counter Math instructions and Number variable Comparators Positive and Negative edges for Contacts Latching and Unlatching Coils Stage 3 - Next priority Undo, redo Saving ladder diagrams Sharing diagrams Drag and Drop for desktop browsers Stage 4  Import/export logic in XML files Projects with multiple diagrams
  3. Hi guys! I’d like to invite you to test new PLC Simutaltor PLC simulator online is our answer to the lack of simple and free PLC programming tools. We are working on a tool you can use both for study and work.  Features already developed: · Basic ladder logic elements · Contact · Coil · Branch · Timer !!! It’s still early stage of the project but you can already use and test our PLC Simulator Online. We will be able to grow better if you’ll leave us your feedback. We prepare small survey but we will appreciate every comment. Symulator à More info about project à Quick Syrvey à