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  1. Tia Portal - Bit to byte array element via put command

    Can't see the error message The "DB200.DBX0.Byte[6]x2 BOOL 1" looks weird, as in address is wrong. I will try it out tomorrow and see how it compiles.
  2. Standard Pumping Station Logic

    6 Pumps to control a single Output? Essentially you have a Duty-Standby-Assist system. Monitor the Hours Run for each of the pumps, create a retentive array for each pump totalizer run hours. This will be fundamental pointer to which pump to start. Most VFDs should have this info though. Make sure the pump is not faulted (i.e. Running but pressure doesn't increase), takes this pump offline if that's the case. Customer wants Auto Mode Enabled/Disable button on HMI or maybe hardwired selector switch. Depending on the Pumps, I would configure them to be quite 'smart' in manual mode. Assuming you are running only 3 Pumps at most it seems to be a Dual Redundancy multi pump system. I would have a simple Pump set (3 pumps) duty rotation and believe this would be ok for this project.  
  3. Hi Gents, Is it just me or it's generally that difficult to get the specifications in the industry? I kind of smile at some emails nowadays but here are some fundamental specification issues which felt like I had to go through on many projects through clients client: - New analogue/digital instruments installed with rated voltage of 110V AC while control is fully running at 24V DC - Request to Install TIA portal V15 on Windows XP (as they had all their legacy code on) so the client could have every software on 1 PC (no VMs) - Transfer signals from new PLC to the older PLC - no specifications on literally anything related to the requirements - Travel 500 miles extra as customer wants an extra signals in the PLC (cuz he forgot to mention them on site) Do you ever come across situations like this or am I simply over dramatic?
  4. Hi everyone, Now the crisis has put myself out of job in short period of time I'm thinking of going Self-employed in Industrial Automation. The salary I could make while being employed would be around £35-50k in UK (even though I had limited experience on Mits and Siemens) which is quite a good salary in UK in this sector, depending on the job as well. I'm more of a hand on guy and I like working on site while prototyping in the lab, and I believe if I was a self-employed Industrial Automation Engineer I would thrive better for a few reason: - Limited schedules means I push myself to 100% of my abilities to help me develop and grow - Hands on, commissioning and prototyping - Higher risk and higher reward as prices are for projects not hours - After few years a possible income of around £70-120k - Possibility of developing my own solutions/programs/scripts/devices for customers in automated facility - Using python for Data science/analytics which is currently my hobby - Automated online diagnostics and maintenance improvments   I've never had a chance to cover all of the above previously and I believe there would be a huge demand for a person who can provide and prove a benefit to the businesses of all of the above subjects. I'm a great problem solver, regardless if it's an electrical or software issue however when I'm hired I don't feel the satisfaction from finishing job and I would rather move on the next project rather than stay still for a long period of time.   Are you guys self-employed/contractors? How did you start?   Thanks, Tom