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  1. Hello! Thank you for the quick reply. I have downloaded that file, It has sample project, library, and an ".ema" file. When  I added the library to the project, I FBs in the pic are available. It is missing some FBs like Jog.
  2. I was playing around with Mitsubishi's built-in FBs for simple motion module, when I came across the PLCopen motion FBs. On the Mitsubishi site, I found a PLCopen FB library, which is most likely version 1.00C. On this thread ( https://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/topic/36580-positioning-with-fx5u-and-fx5-40ssc/ ) user Gambit has posted a screen shot of the FBs help file. This particular version has a number of FBs that is not present in v1.00C. So, I was wondering where I can find the latest version PLCopen FB for FX5-40SSC module? Thank you.
  3. I'll mention this to the maintenance engineer at the site. Is it possible to diagnose or monitor the battery status? When I monitored the servo through the Simple Motion Module Setting Tool, there was an occasional warning about positioning start command. Other than this there was nothing else.
  4. Hardware PLC: Mitsubishi Q06UDV Servo Module: Mitsubishi QD77MS2 Servo Amplifier: Mitsubishi MR-JE Series Amplifier Customer has restarted their production after 1.5 months of lock-down. Yesterday, I got a call that a servo is not returning to its home position. This servo uses 'Data Set' method as home position return method. The servo is moved to the home position (indicated by a proximity sensor) and a 'Set as Home Pos.' button is pressed on the HMI screen. The current position of the servo is set as 0. Yesterday, during an auto cycle, the servo had completed its positioning, but had stopped 20 mm below the home position. When the servo was moved to the home position, the position was -21.60 mm. After teaching the home position, we ran a 5 cycles, there were no issues. Today, when the machine was switched ON, the home position had shifted from 0 to -81.3 mm. In addition, the servo has a bunch of hardware problems: heating, noise, jerk, and motor current is 40% during idle and > 100% during operation. I'm not sure what the exact issue is? Edit: Talked to the programmer who had installed this machine. He mentioned that there was some issue with the encoder cable that was causing the motor to heat up.