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  1. Ingear Drivers

    Hello, I am using an Ingear Logix driver to communicate with an AB Compact Logix PLC.  Is it possible for the driver to communicate with Program Scope tags?  I have only ever communicated with Controller scoped tags in the past using Ingear.  I do not see any way to do this, outside of modifying the actual PLC program which I am trying not to do..
  2. Quickpanel Password

    Hi Have an old Quickpanel View that has OS CE V5.0.  I do not know the password for this screen.  I would like to disable the password, but for the V5.0 CE Firmware it does not seem like a possibility.  What I would like to do is just reflash the firmware.  Not the CE firmware, but the Quickpanel firmware.  Or, even better, figure out how to download a new program over the password protected program.  Anyone know where to find the Quickpanel firmware, or a way to bypass the password to download a new program?