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  1. On 17.3.2021 at 3:06 PM, Crossbow said:

    Don't think there is a way to do that on Omron controllers... you can boot into program mode with a DIP switch to stop a program that keeps crashing, but I do not think you can get around a password that way.  And the reset would have to be triggered in programming software anyways, no DIP switch causes a factory reset.

    Hallo Crossbow,

    Sorry, my fault.
    I was sure it was on Omron it was possible to factory reset, an option with the dip switches.
    We had a guy from Omron doing some training here in the company I work for, where we discover an unpleasant way, where you can get around all password protection 
    and then get the program 

    he promised us that he will take it with him back and work on this problem :-2

  2. Thanks, I will try to use the idea you came with, and add a button to trigger it :).

    The example I have shown it is named FM01, I have  6 different data set I have copied the code in for and I have modified the code to each dataset and set in different days they should delete here at the start. and it seems like I get the error when it is trying to delete the oldest file.
    but let me come back to you when I have tried with a button to trig the script :)

  3. Thanks, @photovoltaic, I have one question about this. Do you write that I have to run I hourly?
    is it the subroutine or the datalog( I have attached a picture of where I think you mean I have to change it to hourly)?

    Right now when I run the code, I get this error:


    IndexOutOfRangeException is thrown at clearCardFM01.
    E_SYS_999: IndexOutOFRangeException 



  4. Hello Guys,

    I would like to know if someone in here has made a VB script, there can delete files from the SD card in HMI?
    the reason why I ask, is I have some data logging on the HMI for our customer, but I would like the data logging to go in a loop so if the  SD-card is full, it will
    delete the oldest file instead of stop data logging.

    who is there somebody there can show me an example on a VB for this :)?

  5. 16 hours ago, IO_Rack said:

    In Sysmac Studio, HMI editor, click Help > Instruction Reference. From the Tree, select Function > User Alarms. There is a SaveUserAlarmLogToFile Function. This page shows the usage and an example at the bottom.

    I'm not sure how your going to get the Logged in User information. There may be a method, I'm just not sure off hand.

    Thanks for the help, just what i searched for.

    i have posted my .Vb code maybe it can help someone else :D


    Sub SaveAlarm()
    	If SaveToUsb Then
    	End If
    End Sub


  6. Hallo Forum,

    I Am trying to figure out how to program this, if i  insert a USB and press a button on the hmi, i would like to storage the alarm history from the MRAM.
    I would like to create a new CSV file on the usb ( so i can use any usb). 
    ( in the csv file i would like, these information from my alam viewer, Name, message, date and time, logged in user, status)

    I would be grateful if someone could help me with this :) 

  7. Thanks for the Answer,

    Our customer do most of the time not have mail server, we thought about what else we could do and ended up with 2 option.

    1) get a industrial pc

    2) Use the Mail function in the Ewon flexy we already integrated in our system

    so we went with option 2, most because of the price of a industrial pc and it will only have one task, as it is right now.

  8. Hallo Forum,

    Is there someone there know if it is possible to sent a email directly from our PLC or the HMI? the only thing i could find on this topic was in this forum  http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/topic/34283-sending-alarms-with-na-panel/
    But we would like if there was a possibility to sent it directly from the plc instead of through a computer. 

    If this is not possible do someone know if there is any ohter solution to sent email with out using a computer?