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  1. Powerlink AS Protocol Messages

    So I'm back...we basically contacted the OMNII-COMM company, and the guy who initially worked on this project was still working there.  They actually make new ethernet based modules, so a coworker just had to download the configuration off of this, and he was able to ship us a new OMNI comm.  Then, it takes care of whatever messages are being sent to the square D panels, and apparently we just send it an ethernet based MODBUS command to get it working.   Now, I've been pretty hands off with this and this is going to another engineers lap, so I'm a bit out of the loop.  But basically we have an Omron CJ2H-CPU64 EIP PLC that we will be installing, and we also use Indusoft web studio v8.0 as an HMI.    Just a quick look and it seems like that Omron processor does NOT do Modbus TCP commands?  We thought we were going to be flinging bits out of the omron processor to talk to this, but does this mean we cant?  I just quickly did a search and it looks like Indusoft has some Modbus driver sheets, but it looks like it can only be serial??  Are we screwed?  Any help is appreciated!
  2. Powerlink AS Protocol Messages

    was having a hard time getting 2nd picture uploaded even after I blasted everything away and size < 3.91 mb...so i guess just trust me its a "Powerlink AS" controller lol
  3. Powerlink AS Protocol Messages

    Hey there, So I am helping another engineer with a job that he has.  I'm the senior engineer here that has integrated to Square D Powerlink GXT3 and GXT4 smart breaker panels.  After a lot of research, I figured out how to make the proper commands in order to turn off breakers and via an Omron SCU module spitting out serial commands.   So, when I started to look at the pictures the engineer took, I was surprised to find that the controllable Square D Panels have a "Powerlink AS" controller.  It seems like this is the earliest version of the powerlink panels.  I deduced this because every manual I have found (I haven't found too many) are dated back in 1995-1998.   So, I'm concerned that whatever I program usually for the GXT3 and GXT4 panels won't be what these old Powerlink AS Panels will accept.  In the GXT3 and GXT4 controllers, the messages are based off of the "Master address" you assign it, then you can build the modbus commands off of it.  I have no clue if I will expect this for these Powelink AS Panels.   In all the docs I have found, I don't see anything that lists how to build a message, or anything related to some sort of message protocol.  Do any of you wizards know what kind of commands to expect programming?   Worst case scenario, we are going to go back to site, and literally connect the outgoing messages to our computer via a 232 to usb converter.  And bring along 485 adapter if needed.  But, it would give me some comfort if I could figure out how to build the commands before hand.   Can anybody help point me in the right direction on this?  Attached to here are the pictures of the PLC/serial module, as well as a picture of one of the powerlink AS panels.  I believe in the PLC picture, the serial stuff is on the "COMM CONTROL" and the "OMNI-COMM" cards.  Not sure why they are tied together like that as well, makes me a bit concerned its not spitting out just simple commands.  I believe the 1771-DB/B card is a basic card that is sending messages to a video matrix switcher that isn't there anymore, but I could also be wrong on that.   Any help is appreciated!   Pop
  4. Help with IR loop dilemma

    So...I thought that if I put in ,ir8 it would only reference bit 0 of IR8.  I am incrementing by an entire word at the end of my IR loop so by #10.  I think you guys were onto something by not using D30000 and D20000....I moved it to like D600 and it works now!  I added that comma and now it works and looks like it is shoving the right value in the right spots!  thanks for the help
  5. Help with IR loop dilemma

    I would like to reference the entire word that is stored in D20000.  My idea is that my HMI program is actually loading in integer values into D20000-D20100.  So for example, D20000 could have a value of 7 (&7) and D20001 could have 11 (&11).  What I want to do is to scan thru this whole list, and if a specific condition is met, I would like to move this value into a new spot in D memory.     So my thought was...set IR8 to start at D20000 and loop for 100 times, see if IR8 = (whatever condition I have) and if so use MOV to move that entire word to a new D memory location.  Can I not do this?  Do I have to use a function block with structured text intsead? Thanks,
  6. Help with IR loop dilemma

    Yes I understand the difference between defining between W100.00 and W100.  I have tried doing it both ways with no luck.   Here is a screenshot of what I am doing.  Here's the initial part where I am defining it...and then here is how I am referencing it in the loop.  It does not seem to like me referencing it competely as IR8.  As soon as I add a , to go to bit level, it is happy.  Is there maybe another instruction block I need to use?
  7. Help with IR loop dilemma

    Hey there,   So at my job, we use a lot of IR loops.  It's pretty much the only way I know how to do "for loops" in PLC code.  So I am very familiar with how we use them.  But, I'm trying to develop some new code, and it made me realize that maybe I don't know as much as I thought.... So, my idea is that I have a range of numbers that I have stored in a range of D memory.  My idea is that these numbers take up the entire word of D memory.  So I have a list of 100 numbers that start at D30000 and end at d30099.   My idea was to use a free IR register and start it at D30000, and increment it by a complete word for each loop (#10).  Then in my code, whenever a certain condition is met, I want to move the entire word that is in this index register to another free word in D memory. What I've never noticed is that any time I'm doing coding inside of the Index register loop, you always use the ',' to point to the specific bit of that word.  So 8,IR1 is looking at the 8th bit of IR1.  That's where I am getting in trouble...even though I am incrementing the Index register by a whole word, it seems like I can't reference the whole word inside of the IR register...I always have to reference the individual bits? Does anybody know if I can reference the entire word in the index register?  I tried doing a MOV command and Move the entire word of IR8 to a new D word, and it wouldn't let me.  Is there a way to get around this?   I guess I could potentially just use the Mov command and do 16 individual commands that span from 0,IR8 to 15,IR8 to move the whole word to a new location?   Thanks, Pop